Sorry to be a Negative Nellie, but the tutorials/documentation linked to from the program and available from the web site aren’t doing it for me. Has anyone found anything else out there? For example, I know that for Flash there are online tutorials available created by ordinary citizens, i.e. not by Macromedia itself. Or are there any good books about Toon Boom Studio? I couldn’t find any on Amazon.

I’m using the trial version now, and if I can’t get some adequate instruction I’ll probably go with something else, even though Toon Boom generally gets great reviews. Any advice is appreciated.


Try these:


Thank you, very helpful. And sorry; after posting this message I noticed there was already a “Tutorials” section in the forums. D’oh. :-[

You’re welcome. Also, have you checked out these demos?

I’ve found them to be quite helpful and well produced. If Toon Boom made more of these, got into more detail, followed a project from start-to-finish, and put them all onto disc I think they’d have a winner.


Yes, I’ve finally gotten them to work (just had to update my Quick Time) and they are a step in the right direction. I agree with your assessment. At least TB seems to be doing a better job of putting themselves in the shoes of a new user and anticipating what such a person would be trying to figure out.

There was an interesting debate of sorts on another board about TB’s documentation and whether they were obliged in any way to do better. I agree with the fellow that said they have no ethical compulsion to do so, but let’s face it: good documentation will really boost sales. Microsoft, after all, wasn’t necessarily the best, just the most accessible.

The Steve Ryan stuff is really good.

You are welcomed to read through our TBS FAQ Pages and perhaps they will provide some additional insights for you. -JK


I’m glad you joined in because I was just thinking that I should have mentioned your site also. The only reason why I didn’t is that I was thinking more along the lines of video tutorials. I’ve always found your tips and explanations to be extremely helpful and valuable and very much appreciate your participation in these forums. If you had the time, I’m sure you could create a great video tutorial.