documentation with more conceptual approach

As I evaluate TBS, I hear from others, and also see, that it’s difficult to learn and that the documentation is sparse. More conceptual overview would help a lot (and probably reduce many users’ need for support). So far, the Help sections I’ve read focus only on specific tools; the tutorials focus on certain tasks.

Most operations in most programs can be figured out just by playing with them; much harder to discern are the unifying concepts, the insights that provide a person approaching the program a framework for understanding it.

If you had only one page with which to provide instructions for a new user of TBS – no other manual or help files, no forum or white papers on a website, just a single page – what would you put on it?

Hi Fuper,

Sorry for the late reply but Great ideas!

Did you have a look at the feature demo ?

You will be glad to know that we are working on improving our documentation.

We are thinking to go with video tutorials, what do you think ? Is this something that would be better for you.

I would like to know everyone thoughts on this !!


Video Tutorials would be extremely helpful. More importantly, if there was a quickstart set of video tutorials that walked someone through the creation of a 30 second animation piece from start to finish.

Man, what a way to demonstrate concepts along with how to use the software. It would be great for newbies like myself.

After that, it would be nice to see intermediate and advanced topics covered in separate tutorials, all of which would be conceptual and help illustrate how to implement best practices into your own animation piece.

Video tutorials that teach me how to use the software to accomplish what I want are better than tutorials that show off features of the application.

What I would give for video tutorials for this application.

There is actually starting to be quite a good collection of tutorial material available for Toon Boom. You need to check out the e-series
and the workout series
and the learning tutorials

These are efforts produced by the TB product team because there aren’t enough user produced tutorials. Hopefully over time more users will produce tutorials. The TB tutorials are unbundled from the software so only those people who wish to spend the extra cost to buy them have to do so. But they are certainly worth their cost. Free user tutorials would be ideal so hopefully we will see more of those in the future. But for now the TB team has been very helpful and their efforts are appreciated. It is up to us users to do more for the rest of the community. Our studio group has been starting to try to help in this effort so check out these FAQ pages and we will as time permits add more conceptual materials too. -JK

Hi rgeorge,

We were actually considering do some of the basic tutorials in video format. Since the cut-out video tutorial seemed to have been a success if all goes well we should have most of the basic tutorial should be in video format (the new Storyboard software comes with video tutorials).

Hope you will enjoy it.

Best regards,