Document-based Memory - amnesia cure needed

Dear Toonboom-Team,

although I really enjoy animating with TBS 4.0, I do already have one big wish: Could you please equip this program with the ability to remember the state of its interface document-wise in one of the next releases, please?

What I mean, is this: since I do have family and children (who are into animation, too) I have to live with lots of interruptions of my animation work; every hour or two I have to shut down my computer and get the kids from school or walk the dog and things like that, before I return to my desk and continue where I stopped. And - even worse - I work under MacOS X 10.5 Leopard (the newest Quicktime was already installed), which means I can’t use the “Quick Preview” function. I don’t really mind using “Preview Scene” instead - the problem is, TBS sometimes crashes, when I preview a longer scene in the player and then return to my workspace too quickly.

And every single time I reopen my TBS file, I have to do all the preliminary document settings again: Change the select tool for the transform tool, switch on “Select Pegs only” (Funny, the program does remember “Snap to last keyframe”?!), switch playpack range from “automatic fit” to “free” and then finetune the starting and ending point of the frames I am actually working on, tell my X-Sheet or library windows that I preffered to view the thumbnails, resize floating windows if they weren’t already open, or if in drawing view, put everything back onto the static lighttable I already put there before - for short: I have to recreate (almost) every setting of my TBS interface I already created before I last saved the file…

I really hope, you could put this wish on your list for the next version. Or the one after that. Some day.

Thank you & best wishes,