Do you also think the frame selector/onion skin selectors in the timeline are clumsy as hell ?

Whenever I try to move the frame selector (I don’t know if it’s the right name) I often end up moving the left onion skin one. I also have serious trouble catching the right onion skin selector. On overall, I feel like the frame selector has a very narrow selection zone, making it very hard to catch. All of this combined is extremely annoying and time consuming. I never experienced so much trouble with any software where a timeline is involved.

Am I the only one ?

If not I’d be happy to hear your workarounds (if any) for this problem.


I’m trying it now and yes, it’s really difficult to grab those selectors. The same happens with the scene length selector at the end of the timeline. This software feels buggy.

You are not the only one.

Warning for some mild rant ahead…

I feel the same, timeline bar & onion skin in/out handles are so tiny and so hard to grab those in/out marker handles, Really frustrating!
At least give us shortcuts like ”b” and ”n” to set beginning and end for work area.

Alot of the interface looks and feels and functions in mixed ways. Keyframe Graph editor for example… 1995 says hello…

This software costs ton of money and dissapoints me in so many areas… I tried those different deformers several times and jesus… :(. If you are familiar with DUik, it does and feels so much intuitive, and itsa free plugin for After Effects. Harmony on the other hand costs gazzillion and can’t even come close when it comes to duik level.

I said this before. After Effects does alot of stuff right and intuitive. Graph editor, how keyframing works, export movie/ image sequence menues etc etc the list goes on…
Workflow is king.
I really hope they do a nice overhaul of the whole interface and its functionality… it has to be intuitive and welcoming.

Harmony 16 is around the corner… maybe, and hopefully a lot of these are fixed (i doubt it though).

Toon boom usually replies with ” thanks for the feedback, we’ll make sure the tech team knows”.
I hope this is true…

Its not all bad, there are ofcourse a few small stuff that I like but a shame the whole program gives me more headache than creative pleasure moments…
All I wanted was photoshop + AE unified software. People said, thats toon boom. Pff… it has similar stuff but tries to reinvent the wheel in many areas.
Maybe I shoud save money for TVpaint…

Im curious about what harmony 16 will bring and if its still the same as 15 with some minor tweaks then Im out after that… I wont support headache anymore, sorry.

totally agree