Do People Share Animate Drawings?

I’m curious if people share there stuff, and if so, where to go to inquire about it. I started working on a project, which I am currently setting up some characters. Naturally, if I do all the work myself, it will take a month of Sundays. It would be great if there were things like backgrounds and props, as well as all other types of drawings that might help expedite the process.
Still learning the software, but am doing extremely well with it so far.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve seen that… but aren’t those characters already made up? I was hoping there was a user group where different people could share their creations to put something together.

My apologies, as far as I understood, you would like to speed-up the process,
looking for somebody else who should do it for you…?

Creating convincing characters etc. is still a very laborious task…
But, there might be some people who are willing to share their work for free…?

Check out the available download materials in the video tutorials. They have some there you can not only learn from but also adapt for personal use.

Here’s a link to one of them:

Thanks for the replies. What I was hoping was that there was an area where people would like to share some of their drawings that could be added to a project someone else is making. For instance, if you drew a tree, or a house, cars, backgrounds, furniture… etc.
Thought it would be neat.

What you are talking about is general clipart sites.

Just look for stuff in a vector format(unless you don’t care about having a bitmap which isn’t resolution independant).

So you don’t think it would be cool if I said, “Hey, draw me a tree!” And then that tree you drew would be part of a project someone did?
Maybe something like that should be started… Just an opinion of course.

It would be cool. I am all for community based stuff.

But to me it seems it would be a clip art site with requests(since you would archive the tree after). I wonder if there are any big clip art sites with a forum?

Hi DanL

Here is a TBA Pro project with a drawing of a tree.

Please tell if you manage to use it or not.
Could be nice to share some work once in a while.

Best regards

Yep, your talking about general clip art here. You can do a search and you will come up with several free sites. Most are really good about listing rights to the clip art in question.

I remember years ago there was a huge stink raised about the licensing rights to the clip art that came with Corel Draw. I believe they have since released the entire collection that comes with it for commercial use but you would need to confirm this.

Also, you can use 3D objects, render them and save them in PNG format. Google Sketch-Up has a huge sharing area they call Google Wherehouse where you will find a ton of free stuff. Just remember to read the licensing rights to use it for commercial use. The advantage to using 3D stuff is that you can position anyway you want before rendering for export. I know that Anime Studio Pro has direct import for 3D Poser figures and props.

If you wanted to check out drawings that other people have done for inspiration I’d suggest Deviant Art Some very talented artists on there, and you can search by key word and popularity of image etc.



Could try Newgrounds. There is an art section and there are forums in which collaborations can be arranged.

The downside is that it’s CS dominated but vector art is vector art.


I think the idea of having a Clip Art library is very cool, but practically, doesn’t end up being terribly useful. The reason being that each project has its own unique look, so the way that I draw a tree in one animation would be totally different from the way I’d draw it in another. Also, if you want to create a continuous set, then you need all the objects to meld together well, and this is something that you might have difficulty getting consistent.

That being said, I’m not opposed to the idea. If you want me to create a bucket in here where you guys can drop off links to files that you can share, I’m willing. But I’m not sure how well-used this would be.