Do I need Maya to render 3D from Harmony

Hi Guys,

I am a Flash Animator. I learnt about Harmony and got really excited about what it could do - especially 2D/3D integration. I have few friends who work with Blender and Maya.

  1. Does Harmony support full integration with Blender? I think it doesn’t but would like to confirm.
  2. I think Harmony has full integration with Maya i.e. I understand that I can import 3D models created in Maya inside Harmony and work from there. For rendering the output, do I need to have Maya installed in the same PC where Harmony is installed? Please clarify.


Supposedly it can render with 3delight and pixie, but I have never seen an example or tutorial on this, only for Maya. So for all intents and purposes the only physical evidence out there points to needing Maya to render 3D.

Thanks for your reply.

Once the 2D character animation is done by Harmony with integrated FBX 3D models at the background of the scene.This means both 2D and 3D assets communicate with together in one scene setup. Incase i don’t have Maya or any 3D softwares in the same machine, where to go for the render. If any possible to rendering the files from Harmony to go through the different machine using Maya.

Could you please elaborate to setting up the render pipeline?


If you look on you tube there are a few videos explaining the pipeline. As I understand it the models are loaded into Harmony, and then rendered in Harmony, with Harmony calling Maya to do the 3D rendering through the maya batch render node. For this you need Maya to be installed, but I’m not sure if Maya requires an active license just to do the rendering.

I am asking the same question… Blender + Harmony


When you say Maya may not require active licence just to do the rendering, does it mean that i can install a trial version of Maya in the machine where Harmony is installed and the carryout rendering? Will this solution continue to work even after Maya’s trial period is over?

Can I use render engines like Renderman, Thea render, Arnold etc (without any Maya installation)?

It could be that I have misunderstood that only a full licensed version of maya is needed to edit the file, rather than just maya batch alone for rendering.

However I’ve heard Matisse say in a video presentation that Maya Batch Render is free.
around minute 47 in this

Perhaps support can step in and let you know definitively.
Perhaps this webinar has more information:

or these docs

As for the other renderers, I only know they support Pixie and 3Delight, and that they work without maya. You need to contact support for the scripts to use these.
Both are renderman compliant, and there is a free version available.

You don’t need to contact support for the scripts, they are already available
when you install Harmony here:

/applications/Toon Boom Harmony 14.0 Premium/resources/scriptmodule on Mac

C:\Program Files (x86)\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Harmony 14.0 Premium\resources\scriptmodule on Windows

It has been a while since I last tested this but yes, you could render from Maya using the
trial even after the trial had expired but I’m not sure if this is still true for the current Maya.

just checking the script modules, I found “TB_PixieRendererModule” Pixie Renderer is Open Source like blender,

can you adapt the script to render with Blender Cycles, looks that the 3 options for a 3drender use Maya as a middle-man … ;(

legally and free you can use cycles:

Blender Cycles as a standalone renderer:

As of today the Cycles source code license has been changed from GNU GPL to the Apache License version 2.0. This is a permissive license that allows Cycles to be linked and used with any program, including commercial software and in-house software at studios.
We welcome other developers to integrate it in other applications, and especially to get involved with the Cycles development team at