Do i need harmony if i own after effects and i want to do frame by frame animation only or animate 3 is enough?


If i want to do only frame by frame animation, have no interest in cut-out animation + i use after efefcts for compositing, 3D and VFX, then could harmony be usefull for me or animate 3 + after efefcts i already own will do the trick?
Does harmony do something that after effects can’t?

The price seem quite high (i’m only enthousiast) and it seems that harmony is simply animate 3 (frame by frame) + animate pro 3 (cut out) + compositing/3D abilities (the kind i can do with after effects and my 3D software i already own) … am i wrong?


if you are only an enthusiast, i would recommend Animate (not Pro). it is more than capable of doing frame by frame animation. it often goes on sale, too so keep an eye out for it. you can import PNG sequences into AE and add all your effects there. but maybe even Animate is a bit too much heavy of a product for you if all you want to do is draw traditionally. maybe flipboom is more for you?

…and if someday you want more out of it harmony or animate pro are worthy upgrades.

I missed the sale of animate at 299$ but it’s ok as i didn’t have the money this month to buy it, so i’ll wait the next sale, probably for christmas.
300$ was ok, 700$ is too much for my wallet, for sure (except if one day i can make money with what i’ll do).

Animate pro won’t be a viable update for me as i don’t need cut out (hate cut-out style) but harmony maybe someday (on sale). Can we upgrade from animate to harmony or will it be full price?

That’s precisely what I did: went from Animate to Harmony.

Was it worth the upgrade? I saw harmony is like 3500$ :confused:
I feel that harmony will not bring to me - as i don’t care abotu cut-out - anything i can’t achieve with after effect, at least, that’s my deduction with the comparison table is saw. But maybe i’m wrong and it does some stuff after effects can’t that would justify the buy afterward?

Also, did it brang you more for frame by frame animation only or the tools regarding this area are the same?

Thanks for the answers

I, too, am only an enthusiast. For me, it was well worth it. I use a combination of cut-out, frame-by-frame (both of which can actually be done in Animate, though cut-out is a bit different). Curve Deform and the 3D camera were among the reasons I went straight to Harmony. 3D model import, 3D animation in 3D space were also enticing (though I haven’t used 'em yet). For me, the doubled effects count and the particle effects were also part of the allure. I don’t haveAfter Effects - I wanted to work in a single application - excluding Storyboard Pro which integrates nicely.

Of course, there were things in Animate Pro that I wanted, too - like the Network view, but after weighing the pros and cons, I skipped straight into Harmony.

The upgrade price was agreeable and Toon Boom were very helpful.

If I was in your shoes, I’d go for Animate, learn the ropes, do some projects. Only then will you know if you are missing out on something available in Animate Pro or Harmony. Be sure to call Toon Boom if you decide to upgrade at some point. They are very helpful and won’t give you a “sales pitch” - they’ll simply help you figure out what’s right for you and make it possible. I deal with software companies a lot in my work (I write for Computer Music magazine) and I have rarely encountered a company so helpful. They clearly care about their products and customers.

Don’t overlook the demos before taking the plunge… That’s what got me into Toon Boom products in the first place. After struggling with the drawing tools in other animation software packages, I was blown away by how easy it was to simply draw in Animate.

I forgot to say: if you haven’t seen the comparison chart, it’s here:

Thanks to you for your answers, you were very helpful :slight_smile:

Just an update about what you say about toon boom amazing support: i sent a mail 1 week ago about harmony and didn’t get an answer yet (you answered the questions i asked them)… that’s the kind of things that make me beware of a company and look somewhere else :confused: (or maybe they are waiting to take our money before starting to answer…?)

They answered all of my questions before I bought Harmony. I would suspect that they are bogged down fulfilling people’s upgrade orders - they are, from what I can see, a small company.

Did you give them a call, If you have sales questions about Harmony I have had great luck just calling. They have been busy with all of us upgrading from 10 to 11 and Phillip is the guy to talk to about sales great guy and a Great Company. If you haven’t already found tip of the week videos and tutorials most all of your questions can be answered from animate, animate pro, and harmony.

I second the comment about Philip. A top fellow and a real asset to both Toon Boom and its customers.