Do I have to Use Pegs to create inbetweens?

:-[ I want to do frame by frame animation(yes the very old fashioned way.) but it looks like I need pegs to make tweens with this program. Can I make the key frames and then program dose tweens without pegs or no? ???

You certainly can do traditional drawn animation without using pegs. But having the computer make “tweens” is not traditional animation. If you want the advantage of the computer making the “tweens” then you must do keyframed animation and that absolutely requires the use of pegs. If you draw your own inbetweens and don’t want the software to do the tweening then no pegs are needed. Now having said that, traditional animation still uses things like traveling peg bars etc. So, you might as well learn about using pegs even if you only want to use them to simulate traditional animation stand functionality. -JK