Do I have to pay full price for upgrade

Iv just upgraded my computer without checking with my animation harmony software. I paid about £300 for license. Now I’m on Catalina on my Mac and can’t open harmony. So, do I have to now pay again for upgrade.?

Hello Leslie,

As outlined on this portion of our website: , changes made by Apple to no longer support 32-bit code has made older versions of our software, including Harmony 16 and Storyboard Pro 6, no longer function on MacOS version Catalina and anything released since then.

If you wish to continue using our software on your Mac, you will need to revert to an earlier version of MacOS than Catalina or upgrade to either Harmony 17 or Storyboard Pro 7. If you have questions and would like to be put in direct touch with a member of our team who can answer all your upgrade questions, please reach out to us at

Hope the above information helps!

Thanx for your response dstruble.