do eye blinks and mouth chrats have to be on seperate layers?

Does anyone know if eye blinks and mouth charts have to be on separate layers? I haven’t found anything that shows that they can be used in unison. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Curious, why do you want to do them on the same layer?

The benefit of separate layers is control.

Frame-by-frame or cutout?

Are you using auto-lipsync or doing it manually?

You could create special charts of combinations.

The blinks could end up being unnaturally tied to mouth activity.

Getting the eyes to appear less schizoid would require carefully tweaking the frame content in any case.

Hi Ampy,

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m a high school teacher working with the Animate Pro program. I’ve had a hard time with the tutorials that Toonboom supplies but has shed a better light with the basics of the program. Thank you for being willing to help.

I’m want to be able to move the head and have the animated blinking eyes move when I want to move the head but I have a feeling I’ll have to reposition them after I have the head move…

I substituted heads to deliver dialogue so I don’t have to reposition mouths but I have a feeling I can’t have both the mouths and eyes operate in conjunction with the head moving. I can’t parent the eyes to the head as it moves the layer below the parent and they need to be on top.

Is it possible to send you a file of something I"m working on as a demo for my students? I don’t know how this forum works.

Does what I say make sense?

Thanks again!

I’d be happy to take a look at the project. Is there a website for the high school with your email address? I am thinking of potential for spammers to get ahold of the addresses. This website gets a lot of spam but it isn’t a good idea to share them on public forums generally.

Unfortunately this forum does not appear to offer a PM option.

Hi Ampy,
You can email me at gomoto14@gmail…com

I’m not worried about this email getting corrupted as it is an email account that it inactive and that I use for playing Clash of Clans.

Thanks much!


I sent off an email to you.

I looked through your project and I believe using a Peg layer would provide the freedom to work with motion, keyframes and swapped drawings separately while retaining important layer order when moving the group. A Peg is more or less a box you fill that can be animated on its own layer in the Timeline. It can be filled with separate or grouped items, each with their own layer. The Peg is like a Master in the hierarchy. But you can have Pegs over other Pegs of course also.