Dividing into scenes

Hi everyone

I’m using TBS 8.0 on a mac. I’m making a music video using the rotoscope technique. I’ve made a 4min video clip that i have imported in, and i’ve begun rotoscoping it. I’ve also imported in the entire audio track. Plus I’ve imported in 3 element layers from photoshop which are PNG files. So theres about 4000 frames in total and each frame has 3 image elements, a sound element and a drawing element.

The problem is I’m about 40 seconds in so far (about 500 drawings/ frames) and i’ve realised .i’ve put everything in one scene! So far I’ve animated about 4 different scenes so i’d like to know how I can divide the work up that i’ve done already into separate scenes (and keep the one piece of music running throughout)

Could someone explain how do do this? In very simple terms as I’m very new to this :slight_smile:



Hey Nathan,
I am no big pro in TB Studio but I have been using it for about 10 years now - as far as I know the easiest way to do this would be: for each scene select all the layers and frames in the timeline, then drag it into the library (local library will do). then make a new scene, and drag the scene from the library into the new scene. then go back and delete the layers / frames from the original scene.
Only thing to be careful with here is to watch your keyframes. I.e. if you have peg attributes animated on a layer, when you do the cut from one scene to the next, you will need new keyframes on each layer for the new scene. (hope that makes sense!) But if you are not using peg / layer keyframes, theres no prob.
Hope that helps!

Thats great.
Thanks so much for your help Animalcolm. I’m not using peg/layer frames so this should be quite straightforward.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

It’s good to use the library to break up big projects, but if you plan ahead, you can use the “Scene Manager” window to make all the scenes of your project. When you export the project, it will export all the scenes of your project to one movie file.

I had some issues with this subject too. in the end, i decided to make the entire music video with one scene, just loads of layers. this way i was able to link the sound to the motion. I know this post is well after the original post, but this issue was stressing me for ages so i thought id just post my response anyway.

You could do it another way… Cut the audio for animating references, making multiple scenes. Use an editing program to combine the parts using the original uncut audio track.