Dividing colour script

Hi there, I am currently working on an animation and I was wondering if anyone out there could possibly write me a script. I’m not sure if this is possible but I’m looking for an automated way to divide up my characters colours and put them on seperate layers preferably with the frames of animation intact. The character has been rotoscoped and I need a quick way to divide each part of the character up eg his jacket, jeans. If anyone out there could help me with this Id be incredibly grateful.

Many thanks

I need to have more information exatyl what you are trying to do,

Are you breaking down the character? Is rotoscope vectorized? If it is vector drawing and you want to break down, you can use cutter to cut the part and press F9 shortcut to have create drawing from drawing selection windows pops up. Then you can add the layer name and select ‘cut artwork from source’ to remove the selected part.