dividing cells, exposure

for Animate Pro2

  1. Is there a way to extend exposure of the drawing with divided cells? It would really speed up the work, if i want just to change the drawings slightly, istead of the must of clicking cmd+ v all over again x-number of frames

*2. also if i want to have some extension of the drawing and in some moments change it, I assume there is no other way than to select and cut the cell first then selecting the image on layer, cmd+c, clicking on the empty cell, cmd+v. Keyframes or anything won’t work for that, will they?

Thanks for respose!

You can duplicate drawing by selecting the frame (or use the icon of duplicate drawing in Time Line) will create new timing of drawing and change it to rest of previous drawing timing that you can modify it. Similarly, clicking empty drawing will create a new timing and extend without duplicating the drawing. This tool menu can be found on Time Line view by enabling Windows>Toolbars>Timeline view.
If you already have drawing that you want to change the timing only, you can select the drawing that you want to change to different drawing which is already drawn and switch it from Library by moving the bar in drawing substitution windows or shortcut [ and ].