Distracting loose closing mattes

In the drawing view, applying tone effects on characters required outline mattes to be drawn and finished with loose closing outline mattes for painting.
My problem was the distracting loose closing mattes during playback for viewing. The dancing loose closing mattes make it difficult to concentrate on
the tone animation. I know this will not happen in camera view but I need to work on drawing view for proper in-between animation.
I hereby attached a sample for what I meant by loose closing mattes. Any help please!

Hi hlW!

I see that you are using a different colour for the loose closing. What about changing the alpha of that colour to 0 so that it is not visible but still present?
You could also already connect the Tone effect so that anything outside the character is clipped. You may need to enable or disable the Tone effect as needed.


Hope this helps!


I didn’t intend to draw the matte outline with two colors, but mainly to explain the green lines were the loose closing up.
Since your mistaken for two separated color lines, maybe is a good idea to draw with different color for the loose closing up, and set
the alpha to 0.

Tone effects viewing (anything outside the character is clipped) can only view in camera view. Unfortunately, this outside clipping is not working
with drawing view. Ideally to do breakdown or in-between properly you have to work in the drawing view.