I have a series of images that I need to dissolve. In previous posts, it is suggested to use the color transform effect, which does not appear to be in Harmony 11. Is there a new name for the module (not transparency, which only determines whether something shows in the open GL) ? Or perhaps an easier way to achieve this? I assume all the images need to be on their own layer. Would love any advice.

I Yes you could do it that way also but when you do it with an effect module it’s slightly easier to see what’s going on. It’s maybe not so important while you are working and remember the project cut can cause delays in figuring out down the road if you come back to the project later and don’t remember perfectly.

Especially when it comes to effects, there is usually more than one way it can be done in Harmony.

If you want to dissolve an image, the simple way to do it in Harmony is to add a Transparency module to it. Edit the “S” symbol to make the value 0 at the beginning and 100 at the end. 100% transparency means the image is gone.

Contrary to what you believe this applies also to the rendered version. If it there is something different between the OpenGL view and the render view, there is usually a reason for it such as setting of the composite module or placement of the effect within the network or some other reason that you can debug by placing a display module at different locations and checking the render view to see where the strange behavior originates.

I have a document in photoshop where I have cut out all the elements of an image and placed them on their own layers, then exported the layers to files, imported them into harmony. Of course, once they are brought in their transform handles are enormous. This is difficult because I have many small parts. I know I could trim the files in Photoshop, however I want them all to come in exactly the same place, set pivots, parent, etc. Is there a way to crop the layer to the png, this shrinking the objects transform handles in Harmony after import?
I hope this makes sense .

Dealing with opacity has always been a drag in Toon Boom (in after effects you can adjust opacity in the timeline. Used to be that you had to go into the network and use the transparency module - big pain, and a lot for beginning students. In Harmony 11 you can access the opacity from the drawing elements layer properties box. Hooray! Easy fades and easy to switch on and off layers.