Dissabling focus for more than one drawing?

How to dissable focus for more than one layer.
I can only link the focus module to a single drawing.

Expecting a solution.

Normally you don’t need to link a module to the Focus module because it’s a global action. As soon as you have a Focus module in the Network it will check all the layers in the scene and depending on their position in Z create a blur in consequence.

You would connect a module (drawing or peg layer) to the Focus one to give it it’s focus point (the sharpess place in the scene).

Now if you just want to have a focus effect on one layer you might as well use a Blur module under that layer.

However if you really need to disable the focus effect on multiple other layers then you would have to go in each Composite modules and turn off the Apply Focus option so that none of them do focus. Then you would bring a Focus-Multiplier and put it under the layer that you want to have a focus effect on. If you want multiple layers with focus, you could connect them to a new Composite with the Apply Focus option activated.

Thank you very much for your reply and it was really useful.
I’ll do it as per your instruction