Displaying text from dialog and action captions over illustrations


When timing out a sequence I like to display descriptive text over a panel that I then time out to get the rhythm of a sequence. I would like to use the text from the dialog and action captions to display over the illustrations. I’m looking for a workflow where the text is automatically entered over the illustrations without having to cut and paste text using the text tool. Is this possible in Story Board Pro?


I dont think so.

I would also like to see a feature where this is make. You could have a markering besides the caption saying " Show on screen " that you could select.

It’s a shame because the feature half-exists already. In the export settings to .mov you can select the CAPTIONS tab which gives you the option to burn-in all DIALOG, ACTION, etc. captions onto the image. You can adjust screen position, font colour, the colour of the highlight box behind the caption etc. The result is a quicktime export of an animatic with the dialog displayed like subtitles.
I think it’s possible in PITCH mode for captions to be displayed in the image from what I’ve read (https://docs.toonboom.com/help/storyboard-pro-5/storyboard/pitch/display-caption.html), But I don’t think it’s possible in any of the other workspace settings for the moment.