displayed cell name is different from the current selected cell in timeline


the cell name displayed in the camera or drawing view is different from the selected cell name in timeline.

In this example it displays a cell name of mextra1_3, when selecting an object in the camera view- and I had to review layer by layer twice in timeline looking for that mextra1_3 layer, -closing and opening each layer- until I realized that this layer mextra1_3 does not exist, and I found that the current selected layer is mextra1_2, so, the names displayed for the same layer are different.

see the different names in the image, in the upper right corner, and the selected layer in timeline:


Did you at any time re-name the element? When you open up the folder for that element in a file explorer, what is the name of the folder? Open up your project folder (by default it’s located in Documents) and then browse to the elements folder and see is there a folder in here named mextra1_3? The odd thing that I see, however, when I look at your screenshot is that it looks like you have a symbol selected. In the timeline, you can tell a symbol from a regular drawing cell because a drawing cell is grey and a symbol is blue with a sort of movie-reel texture on it. When you have a symbol selected, you should not be able to see the drawing name, because a symbol strictly doesn’t have a name. With a symbol selected it should just show nothing for the drawing name.If you had a drawing selected, it would show as the following: Element_name-Drawing_name where element name is the name of the layer. So for example if you had a drawing named 1 in cell 5 of a drawing layer named Layer, it would look like Layer-1. ~LillyToon Boom Support

Hi Lilly,Well, there is no image selected because the labels also says: empty cell. and the symbol has content, is not empty cell.Well as I remember, Ii was adding a layer, then deleted one layer, and continue adding layers.I didnt rename it , because all of those layers have the underscore and numbers in the way 1_4,1_5,1_6 and and I dont use it when I remember a layer; I add characters in spanish when I rename layers.also I was adding other layers mextra2_xx, mextra3_xx,mextra4_xx, so I as there were a lot of layers, so I used their original names.yes, it seems that it is could be displaying the directory name.Alberto ;D

Just to clarify - what does the directory say? Is it displaying the directory name or a different name?What’s odd about this is that with a symbol there should simply be no name at all - it should just be blank - all you should see is a frame number, and blank for the symbol’s drawing name. The reason for this is that a symbol could contain multiple drawings each with their own names, so it doesn’t make sense to display a drawing name because it would be arbitrary which name it would display, if that makes any sense.~LillyToon Boom Support