Hi everyone,

I would like to have two windows camera :

  • one with the display of my character
  • an other with my entire scene…

BUT on the window camera with the display of the entire scene, I don’t want to see deformer, or manipulator I’m working on in the other window (Character’s display camera), I just want to see the final result

Is it possible ? any idea ?


Have a good day


Currently, it is an all views or none situation when showing deformers.

I know…
:(( :-(( :cry:

As far as I can tell the deformer toolbar applies to deformers but no buttons apply separately to individual views.

When I test this it isolates a deformer and hides the rest but the behavior is displayed consistently in all camera views.

There is a button you can add to the deformation toolbar called:
“show selected deformer and hide all others”

Right-click the deformation toolbar and select “customize”