Display issue


I’m having a bit of a problem working in TBS with artwork not rendering properly. The edge quality of vector forms look a little jagged to me. Here’s an example:


I exported a movie and it looked fine, so I think it’s just a problem within Toon Boom. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to fix TBS’s display? Thank you.


Windows Vista
Radeon X1300 Series Graphics Card

I think Edit/Preferences …> Display and turn on OpenGl Full Scene Anti-Aliasing might help. Try it and see

Thank you Corey, but nothing in the Display settings have any effect. After every test, I restarted Toon Boom and got the same results. Here’s my current settings:


I kinda need to use OpenGl for my brush tool to work properly anyway. I just ordered an upgrade to version 4.5. Does anyone know if this issue been addressed in the latest release or am I the only one with this problem?


Gully Im not really sure? Thats strange. I tried turning on Open Gl Full Anti Aliasing and it worked like a charm for myself. Download the demo version of toonboom 4.5 and see if it works there for you. The only option thats added to the display mode in 4.5 is “Improve Pencil Rendering Performance”. But Id give it a try anyway. Otherwise if 4.5 doesnt work still Im not sure. I want to say your graphics card but I really dont know.

Oh by the way, I really like your website my friend I checked it out. Amazing work. How did you get your artwork to pop up like that on the same page when u clicked on them?

It is strange. Now that I think about it, I doesn’t make sense to me that Toon Boom should be the only application having problems with my graphics card. I have several programs on my computer that support my Radeon X1300 graphics card. Hopefully, it’s just something simple I overlooked.

Thank you for the compliment on my website. The pop-ups are created using javascript. The plugin I’m using is Facebox. Here’s some links:




What a great bunch of resources and terrific art I found on your site. Stuff I can use to help me teach. Thanks for that.

Is the trouble you’re having inside of Toon Boom or when you render out to other forms? What file formats are you rendering to?

I’d look at the formats you’re using. Your site makes me suspect you’re fully aware of this, but vector doesn’t have a web format outside of .swf.

I recently rendered some work from TBS to bitmap for use in print and web ads and found some of the same fuzzy edged stuff going on. I corrected for this by increasing my camera size to huge and rendering to .png, which is much more kind than .jpg or even .psd in my experience.

Hope that helps.


I had a similar issue. This is what I did:

- Adjust preferences as explained earlier
- Go to video card (mine was Nvidia - so right click on your desktop and chose the video card). I then changed my settings from “Let the application decide” to “Quality”
(Im at work so cant remember the exact wording)

Hope that helps

Hi Rob,

I’m glad you liked the links. I watched some of your cartoons and they’re hilarious. You did a great job on them. The problem I had was with how images were displaying within Toon Boom. Everything exported from TB looked fine though. Thanks for the help.

Hi aheaven,

That did it! It was the graphics card after all. For some reason it wasn’t set to display the best quality image. Thank you so much for sharing that tip with me!


No worries! Im happy to help… by the way… I was blown away by your artwork. Very impressive… Im feeling a little inspired :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. ;D