Display Issue?

I am running the trial of Toon Boom Essentials on a 2015 Mac Book Pro with an 2 GB AMD Graphics card. My Mac is running Sierra OS

My scene is super simple with 2 rectangle on a layer each and each under a Peg. They are in a heirachy and have a simple 10 frame animation with 2 key frames.

Whilst in the Open GL view, when I select the ‘select’ tool everything looks ok. When I select the ‘Animate’ or the ‘Transform’ tools the rectangles change colour. (I have attached screen shots)

I assume this isn’t normal?

Also is the Render view meant to play back in realtime? As when I press play the scene plays in the timeline but the render view shows a static frame. If I frame by frame through the frames render and display appropriately. I would assume my Mac Book would be able to easily handle realtime playback of this scene. ( if this is how it is meant to work? )

Many thanks for any help and advice.

The color change is indicative of a mode and it is normal.

The render view plays back in real time if your system can handle it and to some extent it will depend on your project settings. So under certain circumstances it will be able to play in real time. Frequently with my system there is a brief delay while the frames render before it plays the rendered scene.

Thanks for the reply.

I would of thought my mac would be able to play the scene in the render view but maybe not. It seems to buffer the scene and then nothing.