Display errors

Hi, I’m just trying out the demo this AM using the Tutorial Quick Start. I am very frustrated b/c the screen is not updating consistently. I use a drawing tool and nothing happens. Then I go to the exposure sheet and come back, and then I see the shape I drew. Or I use the contour tool to click on a shape and there is no change. Then I leave the application for a moment and come back then I can see the contour points. Same kind of thing with the bezier handles.

Also, when I tried scrolling the screen using the scroll bars, it only scrolled a small rectangular portion out of the center of the screen. I clicked on a tool in the toolbar and then tried to scroll again and it cleaned up the mess it had made scrolling previously.

This is a relatively new computer, well above the minimum specs in terms of memory and processor speed. Running Vista. Video drivers up to date. Any ideas?

What video card are you using?

You might want to try switching between OpenGL and DirectX. Perhaps your video card supports one but not the other. Go to Edit > Preferences > Display tab and try switching from OpenGL to DirectX or vice versa there.

Yes, that was it. I switched to Direct3D and it works fine now. (The video card is integrated into the motherboard, Intel Chipset G331 / G33, I think). Thanks so much for your help!