display and display all

can someone please tell me why would I possibly need the display all and display feature?? why cant I have all my layers at all times, without having them locked at some points and not on others, add pegs, regardless of what mode I am at. and most importantly actually draw on a viable layer that adds new frames when I draw but doesn’t create new lines when I draw them???

Hi Onion!

Displays are used to isolate certain areas of rigs or scenes so that you can work on them separately without the visual distraction of other elements.

As for your other questions, I am a little confused at to what you are referring to directly. Could you elaborate a bit?

The display features are very useful if you are working big elaborate projects. As KimBussiahn mentioned, it helps eliminate distraction. In addition to that, If something is not being displayed the openGL is not rendering it while you work. So if you have 10 characters in the scene it might be a bit laggy. Using a display to isolate 2-3 characters at a time can make it much easier to get work done.

If having display all works for you, there is no reason not to keep it like that all the time.

If you’re trying to draw on a layer there are several reasons it might not be working.

  • The display could be an issue, so you can try plugging it into a specific display, turning that display on and trying again.
  • If it, or the camera is moved in the Z axis so the drawing is behind the camera you cannot draw.
    -You cannot draw on a drawing that is not perpendicular to the camera direction.
  • The display feature in the drawing tab could be turned to invisible.
  • you could be drawing behind something
    -you could have your colour opacity at zero
    -you could have your line thickness at zero

There are many possible issues, so without seeing what you are doing, or getting more information, it is hard to give you a specific answer why you’re having trouble drawing.

Display is what you should be using as this shows you what’s connected and will render.
“Display All” is a special mode for finding nodes that are not connected to your node