Display All Deformers Option?

Is their a hotkey or option to Display All Deformers? I know of the option to Show selected and Hide all Others, but it seems like overtime I need to animate a part of my rig, I have to keep hitting that button. IS there a way to show ALL of my Curve Deformers so I can animate faster?



To display all the deformer controls at the same time:

  1. In the Top level of the Network view, use the default keyboard shortcut [Ctrl]+[A] (Windows/Linux) or [z]+[A] (Mac OS X) to select all the modules, you can also select Edit > Select All from the top menu.

  2. In the Camera View toolbar, select Show Control . You can also use the default keyboard shortcut [Shift]+[F11]. This will display all the deformation controls in your scene.


If you’re just trying to show the deformers for your character, just shift and select all of the character parts in the timeline, and show deformers and you should see em all.

Or you can just click the character’s group to select it and then the show deform button.