Displaced Pivots when Using The Animation Tool

Please Help:

(Toon Boom Harmony, but I had this same problem in Animate Pro 2)

I set pivots on the drawing layer (after applying the 'apply embedded pivot on parent peg), and when I switch to the animation tool, the purple pivots (on the peg layer) should take the same position as the previously set (blue) pivots, which they do, usually. But I cannot say the same for both my hand pivots, on the human character I’m animating.

The previously set pivots, on the drawing layer, are displaced when using the rotate tool on the Advanced Animation Toolbar. And when I try to adjust the pivots manually, using the rotate tool (Advanced Animation Toolbar), the other pivots on the subsequent 3 quarter and side views move away. It’s frustrating.

Should I use a replace the peg layer with a drawing layer like it was shown in some of the tutorial videos?
I attached pictures to show.

EDIT: Also, the ‘hand’ drawing layers have patches that they share both their pegs with

Do all your elements have parent pegs?
Place the pivot using the Rotation tool from the “Advanced Animation” toolbar rather than from the Pivot tool in the Tools toolbar.


The hands and feet are special in that they are the last elements in the chain, they can probably use their own pivots.

Yes, they all do have parent pegs. I’m following the tutorial videos from the site. I feared animating the element/drawing layer wasn’t ideal for the process, so thanks for the suggestion. I’ve already fixed it and the pivots for the hands are in place.
Thanks again.