Discouraged about Animate 2.0


I was initially so excited to purchase this software and now I’m feeling discouraged. I have all the tutorials, the Help pdf files, etc., but as I read through them to see, say about shadows or other functions I find them quite lacking. There is an assumption that the reader knows already much about how to use the software I think and I really don’t. I’ve used Studio on and off with other software for some time.

My question is: are there any learning materials out there that explain each step in an understandable fashion? are there perhaps private consultants/teachers?

I would really love to learn this application and I am trying, but feel discouraged.

I’ve made many short videos using FC Studio, Shake, PS and other software, so I’m not a newbie to making videos, just Toon Boom applications.

I find their support information very lacking for a novice.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


These video tutorial
Are really helpful , Covers everything from start to finnish and every two weeks new ones .
Have you ever watched them?

Adam Phillips also has good tutorials on youtube and I like to think mine are easy to follow.

Just a matter of practice.

I have tried to compile most of them together on my site http://toonbooming.com/category/anime2tuts/ so you don’t have to go scouring the internet for them.

I really appreciate your site.
I suspect that many of us would like to make tutorials for Animate, but there are several barriers - you need the time, the proper software, a quite place to record, and some royalty-free images to use as examples.
So it is good that you have assembled that material on your site.

All of the tutorials are not mine. Most where done by people like cartoon smart who I think have the best tutorials for new comers, The Raider, Adam Phillips, and several others. I simply tried to put them together on one site to make it easier to just watch them in order.

Hang in there, we have all gone through the pains that you are going through now.

The main thing is that things are way better than when Alex and I started. I am sure Alex remembers when the sum total of Animate tutorials was the kickstart videos and 2 videos from cartoonsmart which were very specific.

I agree that my videos are becoming more specific than new comer. That is mainly because they are much more popular that way. I think it more cause there is a fair amount of new comer stuff now and people are interested in more than the basics. I am trying to make my tutorials somewhat unique so that people can get something new. My most popular has been the eyelid rig, and least popular box modelling a simple character.

The hardest part for me making tutorials is getting quiet around so I can record :slight_smile: You can get free software to record, personally I use camstudio. I have like 5 tutorials planned(like I have done the tutorial. I do it once off camera before recording so I don’t spend 5 minutes problem solving if something doesn’t work the way i expected) just waiting for time to record.

Yes Raider, I do remember, and we are only talking about a 7-8 month time span. Since then the Animate movement has kicked into high gear.

My advice take it one step at a time. Learn how to do a basic effect, basic Rig, ect, then you will start to understand how the program works. Once you understand that the rest is history.


Thanks for all this. I have checked out Animate’s tutorials. I just wish there was a way to get at consultant whom I could learn basics from about the software. I am working on a project and what I’m doing is when I have an issue I look to the pdf help files, tutorials, etc., anywhere and everywhere to try to find answers. I very much believe in self learning, but there are times when it’s a bit confusing and difficult.


You created such an extensive site and I’m hopeful that the tutorials will help me. Thanks again!


Besides the tutorials on toonboom’s site that were mentioned are there any you can recommend as introductory tutorials that take you through the whole app, functions and techniques? many here seem more advanced.

the adam phillips ones on youtube assume no knowledge.

Also the earliest ones on my youtube channel also assume no knowledge.


If you are interested in a personal trainer, you can always contact Toon Boom’s sales. They offer remote training and on site training.


Thanks for the tip!

Agreed, I felt the same way, and still do at times. But it is just time and patience for now :frowning: . Animate really is the best built to animate in (so says the “experts” which im not, lol), and I love it. I do think for the cost (compared to other software), honestly and legitimately there should be more tutorials and download sample material a lot more. I think the company though is recognizing this and is probably working on this. I know search the net and this forum constantly can become laborious, but in the end it’s time well spent i guess.

I have had nothing but positive experience with the sales and support staff myself.


Thanks for this. I do agree. Last night I was downloading several tutorials that I purchased and I’ve been learning every day. It’s a great program, but it does things sometimes that I don’t get at all. I hope we can keep in touch and maybe we can help each other sometimes?

If you do cutout style, Then start with cartoonsmart’s character design package, and the lip sync tutorials. Both are very basic and the small details you learn along the way are priceless.

thanks about the site, I spent allot of time this past weekend re-organizing things and adding more stuff, including free stuff. I will be recording many more basic tutorials and quicktips very very soon. If you have any questions on specific things you want to learn or are confused about let me know.

I created the quick tips series to target specific questions, instead of a long tutorial, but I dont know what you need unless you tell me. Also, keep in mind i only have animate non-pro so …

…For more advanced questions like scripting and network view, or animate pro only features, Theraider is your goto guy.

Thanks so much Alex! this is great! I have been doing some of the tutorials in the evenings and working on my movie during the day. Learning as I go. I’ll definitely check out what you mention here later today.

Do an advanced art one Alex ;D

I just might do that one day Raider. I think If their is one guy out their who I emulate the most, as far as technique goes, it’s got to be Peter Emslie. Of course, he is a freaken master and I am no where near his level but I use a very similar approach. I think an Art tutorial of mine would probably resemble somthing like this …