Discount on S/B Pro 2?

Having seen the recent ‘coming soon’ advert for V2, will there be a price discount for those already with V1.5? I’ve had mine for eighteen months and it would be nice not to have to fork out all over again! :slight_smile:

There should be an upgrade option available upon release for those owners of Storyboard 1.5. If you have an educational version of the product, you will need to contact

Toon Boom Support

Anxiously waiting for my email message asking me to upgrade to SB Pro v2, as has always been the case in the past. peace


I like the new rent option for $299 for 1 year, I have 600 saved towards Animate Pro 2, ( I know I have a long way to go :’() and I don’t want to touch that money for anything. I wish/hope/pray/voodoo that someday you make Storyboard Pro2 even more attainable by cutting it down even more.

How about 24.99 per month, like a subscription service? Maybe a little higher like $30 so then you can still have an angle to persuade the richer folks to get the 1 year plan and save. Just a thought :-*

BTW- the $299 does not come with an “option to buy” at the end does it? you know where at the end of the rent period you are given the option to pay (maybe 30 days)the extra $500 to buy it?

Feel free to send an email to to get a response on your questions. They are often able to accomodate payment plans in order to get your purchase processed, so go ahead and email them for further details.

Toon Boom Support

I just purchased SB PRO2 upgrade… download. I get to play this evening after work. peace