Disappointed in ToonBoom

Two and half weeks ago I purchased Toon Boom Express through the website Aniboom for $50. I opted for the downloadable version with the thought that I would be able to start using it right away.

I experienced a few technical difficulties in opening the downloaded software, but these issues were resolved. Through the dialog/forum it was mentioned to me that the version I purchased had been removed about 6 months ago and a newer version is currently being sold.

Due to the fact that I was given the link to download the v3.5 of Express and not v4.0 I have not been able to access any of the tutorials.

I have since attempted to contact Ugo via the e-mail list in his profile and received a failure to deliver notice. I requested further information via the forum and still no reply.

So the question remains…I was sold v3.5 of Toon Boom Express via Aniboom despite the fact that it was apparently pulled “off the shelves” approx. 6 months ago. Will Toon Boom fix this and provide the now available v.4.0 of Toon Boom Express so that I may view the much needed tutorials?

I can understand if I had purchased v3.5 TBX 6 months ago before ir was pulled, but not 2 1/2 weeks ago.



First of all sorry there seemed to have been some special deal with Aniboom which I was not personally aware of. In any case you should be able to use the following tutorials along with your version:



Be aware that those were made with the full version and some of the lessons may not work with the Express version but the ones that do work will allow you to learn all that can be covered in Express.

Hope this help you out.




Thank you very much for taking care of this matter. I look forward to working with the Express program.