Disappearing transform tool

Every now and then the transform tool disappears–the 8 little bounding boxes and rotate handle. I cannot for the life of me figure out why nor how to get them to reappear. Sometimes this happens with the select tool. Eventually, they reappear but I’m not sure why. Is there some sort of shortcut key that I am accidentally hitting that causes them to do this? Or is it a glitch in the program? Whatever it is, I’d like to find the solution as it really slows down animating when this happens. ???

Does this happen with the scene planning select tool?

I am able to reproduce the problem when I create a new drawing layer, draw something in it with the brush and then chose the scene planning select tool. In that case, the handles do not show up.

This is due to a missing update in the code. To bring them back, select another tool, select the layer in the timeline or click on the drawing in the camera view.

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Thanks, Simon! I’ll hang on to your reply and the next time it happens I’ll see if it resolves it!