Disappearing stuff

I’m happy with Toon Boom Animate 98% of the time.
Then every once in a while (like 10 minutes ago)
something completely inexplicably wrong happens.
For some reason, in my scene with 8 characters in it,
3 of the characters are missing half their parts.
Why is that?!?!? It’s going to take me hours to go
through and re-build them. It’s definitely not the first time.
Does anyone else have this problem?

This could be due to almost anything. You need to explain further about what was done between the time the images were there and when they disappeared.

I suspect that you may have moved the project from the internal drive to another type of drive that couldn’t keep up with the data being transferred, if you did not zip the folder first. Then when you next opened the project from it’s new location you still had the old thumbnail images (which are slower to refresh since this is done when the software is idle) so it may have appeared to you as if the images (body parts) were disappearing before your eyes when actually this happened way earlier during the project move.

It’s now happening about once a day – which concerns me.
I can be a little more specific, now that I keep seeing it.
The parts aren’t actually disappearing, but rather TBA
is making random drawing substitutions of other layers of
the character. It seems to be after I cut and paste an
unrelated section of the timeline. I’ll get to say frame 827,
and maybe 20 different layers down the timeline will
be replaced with random drawing substitutions.
Is that clearer? (Probably not) :slight_smile:

I dont know what to do and totally feel down
3 months ago I’ve worked in a project and classified in 6 file , and now i try to open them but this error goes :

The following errors occurred :

  • cannot open an empty project . adding an default empty scene

  • error parsing layout file J:(project name).aux
    Error occurred while parsing element at line 1, column 1

  • syntax error at line 1:
    Unrecognized attribute ( Â\t)

and then projects open with no element or key frame and timeline is empty , when i look into element or other folders all the character bodies are there , but there is nothing in project… please please help me … whats happen and how can I get back my work ?

The way elements work in Animate is that the cels of the element have a cel label (visible only in the Xsheet window). If you enter a cel label at a different frame location, it will then display the associated drawing at this cel location. Using the Library Windows cel slider actually replaces the cel label (therefore the drawing displayed at this location) when you use the element substitution. It does not actually delete the drawing.

You must avoid spaces, accented or other special characters in the name of the project, the path where the project is stored and for the naming of any element created or imported into the project. Only a-z, 0-9, “_” and “-” are safe fro naming.

If you contact Toon Boom support and provide them your zipped project, it is possible that it can perhaps be recovered (or parts of the projecrt, depending on how damaged it is).

Make sure you are always editing projects located directly on the internal hard drive. External drives, USB drives and network drives are not always responsive enough to keep up. Yes, it may work properly most of the time but eventually you can corrupt the project.

You may however store the zipped copy of the project on these other types of drives but make sure to zip from the internal hard drive before moving the project.