Disappearing Lines?

I imported a series of 4 frames from Illustrator files to create a walk cycle. Everything assembles perfectly… until I export my SWF file.

Then the lines go all screwy… parts of them disappear then reappear during SWF playback (seemingly at random). If I export as a QuickTime, then the lines are maintained. This is NOT a complex drawing, it’s actually quite simple, so it’s not a hardware display problem. It appears to be an export problem, and I can confirm this by stepping through frame by frame.

If I outline the lines, then they display as expected… but then the file size is bigger.

Is there a bug list for Toon Boom to see if this issue is acknowledged?

I’m Having the same problem.
I’m Importing AI files, and some of the inside lines (wich are thinner than the outside) are disappearing when I render a SWF movie. It seems to be random, some of them are blinking, some are not. In any other export format, the lines are there. So it isn’t a image problem. There must be a Filter problem.

Anyone knows what to do?


Hi guys,

This is a bug with the PDF importer library.

Can you do a test, select your imported artwork on the drawing view (with the drawing select tool) and go to Tools => Flatten. If the lines disappear then it’s the flatten problem that we are aware of. It should be fixed in a near future.

If not, please reply back with see I can look into that.


That’s It Man!!!

The lines disappeared just as you said!

It’s a bug! I’ll wait for the next version then… The web version of the series I’m making some tests and trying to persuade the producers to buy your software will be aired only on teh next year.

I hope that until then this bug is fixed.