disappearing images on copy-paste or drag-drop in a frame range


definitively something is wrong with this animate pro2 on mac .
yesterday it crashed more than 20 times… but let us guess that that could be a memory problem.but this problem that appears now seems different to me:

a)I import a video
then I want to copy that frames -a kind of duplicate in another layer…
b)the copied images does not appear in the new layer in a range of frames in timeline!!!
-obviously i disable the original layer to display the copied image only-

I use copy-paste,
also tried t copy-paste special. always create frames,extend exposure.
Also I created a symbol and then restore those to the new layer.

but guess what:
I copy-paste those same frames to the new layer in frame 1 and gues what: the images appear in frame 1… at it is spected to do it.

but those images dissapear if I copy those to another position of the layer. -it says that sth was pasted but no images there
also those images dissapear if move them with DRAG and drop from frame 1 to 800 of that same layer…

so, a simple copy-paste or in a drag an drop is not working with some pics in animate pro 2…

Well there are a lot of things that could be going on here. First of all, when you import the video, do you vectorise it upon import? Or do you import it without vectorising, onto a bitmap image layer?First thing to be aware of is that you can’t copy and paste something from a bitmap layer onto a vector layer. These two layer types are incompatible.Next thing to be aware of is that when you do a regular copy and paste, what it does is it copies the EXPOSURE of the drawings, not the drawings themselves. So let’s say you’ve got DrawingA layer, and DrawingB layer. If you take DrawingA layer’s frames 1-5, let’s say these drawings are named 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (you can check the name of a drawing in the xsheet). If you copy these drawings onto layer B, it simply copies the exposure (drawing number). I.e.:Source: Destination:DrawingA-1 DrawingB-1DrawingA-2 DrawingB-2DrawingA-3 DrawingB-3DrawingA-4 DrawingB-4DrawingA-5 DrawingB-5The advantage to this is that you can copy timing from one layer to another. However if you don’t already have drawings that are DrawingB-1 through DrawingB-5, then these will simply appear to be empty drawings.Does this make sense? You can test this by creating two drawing layers, and on each layer do 10 drawings. Draw A-1, A-2, A-3 etc in one layer, then draw B-1, B-2, B-3 etc in another layer with the brush tool. Now grab the cells that you just drew in the timeline of layer B and deletee them. Copy the cells from layer A and paste in layer B. Now you will see that the drawings B-1, B-2, etc show up, NOT A-1, A-2 etc - which is the behaviour that you wanted.Always Create Drawings still does not copy the actual drawings from one layer to another.There are several ways to actually copy drawings. One, if you make a selection in the camera view with the select tool, and then copy and then paste it into the camera view on another layer, it will copy the actual drawing - but this only works for one drawing at a time.Two, if you want to duplicate the whole layer, then right-click on the layer in the timeline and select “Duplicate Selected Layer”. This will duplicate the whole layer, then you can delete unwanted exposure.The last way would be to create a template out of the drawings you want then drag and drop them back into your scene.Hope this helps.~LillyToon Boom Support