Disappearing drawing lines


I’m using Toon Boom Animate Pro on a Windows 7 machine.

I did a drawing on a drawing layer last night. My project has several scene palettes on the right hand side.

(As a side note, I don’t have an expert knowledge of how the scene palettes work, or how they’re shared across my local Toon Boom network. Still figuring that one out.)

I did the drawing with a blue color, then picked a black color from another palette and drew a black outline. Then I selected the blue color swatch and selected and deleted all the blue strokes from the drawing. The black lines were left.

I saved the file. The next day I opened the project file and my drawing was gone. The drawing layer was still there, but the actual black lines were gone. All my other drawing layers were intact and visible the way they should be. I checked the network view and everything appears to be connected correctly.

Any idea where my drawing lines could have gone? Was it related to me using colors from two different palettes?


Thanks for the reply. I was looking through the camera view. I checked the default and my scene cameras. I’m still not sure what caused the lines to disappear, but I’ll keep your suggestions in mind. Thank you!

Should not be related to using more than one palette.

Is it possible that you’re just not looking at the area where the lines were? Are you in the Camera View, or the Drawing View? If you’re in the Drawing View, are you on the right subart layer? I.e. Lineart, Colour Art, Overlay, or Underlay?

If you’re in Camera View, is it possible the lines are off to the side, or bigger or smaller than you expected?