Disappearing Curve Deformers


I’m having an issue where I’ve made a character with bendy/stretchy arms using the rigging tool (curve) which results in an offset and a curve node. Everything works perfectly, except when I close the program and re-open it the next day, the handles for mt curves are gone! The nodes are all still there - it’s all still set up right. I can delete them and re-add them, so it’s not that the system isn’t working.

I’ve attached my character (ignore the art, it’s a demo for class) and the rig. The circled area shows the ungrouped version, but the groups all contain the exact same setup containing an Offset, Curve and Kinematic Output. I thought the groups may be causing the issue, but I deleted everything, re-rigged it without the groups and the curves still vanished.

I’m at a loss. Can anyone help, please?



"If you just created the deformation rig, the controls will still be showing. However, when you close your project, the deformers are turned off. When reopening a project, you must display the controls so you can you see the ones you need while animating.

How to display the selected deformation controls

How to display the selected deformation controls and hide all the others

How to display all the deformer controls at the same time

In the Top level of the Node view or in the Timeline view, select Edit > Select All from the top menu to select all the nodes or press Ctrl + A (Windows/Linux) or ⌘ + A (Mac OS X).

<i>In the Camera toolbar, click the Show Control button or press Shift + F11.</i>

<i>All deformation controls in scene are displayed.</i>"