Disappearing canvas rotate tool (command-option) - OSX, both SBPro 5.5 and fresh install of Harmony Advanced

I’ve had this for ages on SBPro but put up with it, but can’t see why it’s happening on Harmony as well.

Any time my pen gets near my Cintiq the canvas rotate tool disappears when pressing command-option. It’s there on pressing the shortcut, then blinks out when the pen goes anywhere near the screen. Any ideas why this is happening? Is it a Wacom issue or a ToonBoom fault? I get around it on SBPro usually just by using C/V if I need to but I don’t know the Harmony shortcuts. Seems a bit of an essential tool to lose out on.

Hello Tomczyk,

Can you double-check to make sure that you are on the latest drivers for both your GPU and your Cintiq? Once we rule that out, it’ll allow us to see what steps come next.

Also, what version of Harmony Advanced are you on? Asking so that I can log this issue properly while we troubleshoot a solution with you.

Thanks for the follow up!

I’m on OSX so the GPU updates through that. Sorry to not be clear. Wacom is up to date.

Using your trial software for the time being so whatever version that is! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank-you for the assistance.