Disappearing Camera Pegs

Hello! I just got Toon Boom Studio 6 after having used TB Studio 4 for a couple of years. I am having a problem with the camera pegs. When I zoom in on a scene the camera peg disappears behind the background as if it were a drawing element itself. This means that if I want to pan while zoomed in, I have to do so by using the Top View and Side View windows together rather than just simply using the peg as I did in TB Studio 4. I can’t imagine what advantages this change might have. Is there any way to deactivate this feature? It’s driving me a little nuts. Thanks

Did you move your camera in z depth? If you did not, then I don’t see why it would disappear when zoomed in. You should also be able to move your peg as usual… Is this happening on a specific project or on all of them including new ones?

I did move the camera in z space. In toon boom studio 4 if I moved the camera in z space the peg would remain visible in the camera view, even if it moved behind a background element. In TBS6, when the peg disappears behind the background element, I am forced to use both the top view and side view windows to pan when zoomed in for a close up, rather than just simply manipulating the peg in the camera view. It’s a royal pain compared to TB4, there must be some preferences option I’m missing, this is crazy.