Disappearing background

Help! My background images are not showing up in preview, however it renders OK.
I am sure I have overlooked something really obvious.

Thanks for getting back to me I have since been trying to find out what the problem is.

I noticed that if I set the scene settings to PAL instead of ‘film 1.66’ the back ground shows up in the preview.

I have tried importing as a jpg and also as a photoshop file but it made no difference.

I have got round the problem by using a scene that did work OK and saved as a new file and imported a background that I also knew worked.

But if I tried to import the original image it didn’t work. I thought perhaps it was the file itself I had been in some way corrupted.

Very weird though, it hasn’t happened before.

If you could shed any light on it I would be very grateful.

The version of animate pro 2 is 7.91

I use and Imac 27 inch running snow leopard and I have attached the scene.

Thanks again


Even if you change the resolution of the scene, it only changes the camera angle and size that it should be shown partially at least. I do not think it is related to the file but due to the setting on your scene. Are you referring render as in render view or final render image as Lilly has asked? If your answer is final render image is correct, it is either issue with display that you have more than one display and you are currently selecting wrong one. Other possibility is when you import the image on existing column that supports different format of bitmap will also cause the drawing does not show in display due to showing small thumbnail. Anyway, check your display to make sure you are using right display in camera view. And then also import the image as a new layer. If it persistence, post the screenshot and example of the scene if possible that will he helpful. Or contact Toon Boom support.

So in other words, when you click the Render View blue flower, you don’t see the background? But you do see it in the final render?

Are you using Animate, Animate Pro, or Harmony?