Disappearing 3D Models

I have run into a problem where I had 3D models in my scene (FBX files) - which all worked fine, saved. However - the next day when I open SBP3D and load up the project those models, except for one, do not show up. They appear in the layers but seem empty. When I choose their layers and try to transform them (move, rotate, scale) - I see the gizmo in the right location where they should be - but the models are not there. Not hidden, not wireframe, just not there. Tried scaling up and down in case there was a scale issue - but seems like nothing shows up.I’m wondering whether this is, again, a memory usage issue, and SBP3D just won’t handle some models beyond a certain threshold limitation.Thanks,Dani.

So far I’ve managed to limit my problems by batch-processing my textures to very low-res textures, as well as reduce my 3D models. What I want to test is huge scenes, ones with many models - because that’s what I’ll ultimately be using - but so far can’t get past many of the other issues.Thanks,Dani.

I have.I’ve been in touch with Harry and Francisco about this issue and many more - but for this one have not received a reply yet. I believe it has to do with memory constraints or some other glitch. This one is still left unsolved…Thanks,Dani.

Hi Dani,for what it’s worth I may have had similiar problems but managed to solve them I think- though it’s not an perfect solution! Here goes: basically I found whenever I opened a Pro 3D project, I found that some of the 3d assets 3DX or OBJ were absent from some scenes, although appeared in the layers palette just as you experienced. However some of these same assets were present in other scenes involving more ambitious camera moves/effectsect. This led me to think that perhaps those specific scenes where the 3D assets were absent might mean they were corrupted in some way.What I did was to simply import an asset into a new scene, save then close PRO 3D then open it up again.If the asset was present in the scene then it was confirmation that the import was successful. From there it was possible to stage my scene accordingly. This is an immense time saver as it means you don’t commit to developing a scene first before checking whether the asset is actually in the scene first. It might have something to do with memory, but I’ve been using some massive location assets with no probs at all-it’s been some of the more miniscule assets that have given me grief!Best of luck and hope it helps.Benny UK

Hello Dani,

It would be great if you could email support@toonboom.com, and they could look at the project file with you.