Disadvantages compared to Flash

Hi there. I’m a newbie just taking some Flash MX lessons and I must admit the thought process to the design phase of my characters is nothing short of maddening! I want to run for TBS to save me,…but I’m fearful that it won’t offer the HUGE advantage that MX offers with its’ ability to save my characters and their features as symbols in a libraray to be used over and over again. What a time saver!!!

Does TBS offer ANYTHING that allows the user to re-use their characters after spending hours designing them or their walk cycles? I mean the thought of redesigning a walk cycle for everytime I use a character seems more maddening than the design tools at Flash.

Any thoughts on this subject before I go to lesson number 3 with Flash?

Thanks in advance.


My character design in toon boom is similar to that in flash I have been making modifications as I go and they continue to evolve. but you can take the characters between the 2 programs. you also can build up your assets In toon boom as well. I find the toom boom Environment much more friendly as it is set up for the sole purpose of animation. there is a learning curve but just stick with it and you will get it.

I keep all of my character positions and stuff in the global library so that they can be reused because I hate to redraw what I don’t need to. So, it can be done.

Man,…what a relief!!! I’m glad to see that someone else uses ToonBoom Studio. I was beginning to wonder if anyone visited this forum.

Does anyone here use it exclusively for TV Broadcast animation? Anyone here just use it exclusively period?

I’d like to dive in and buy this app,…but I’m worried that perhaps the support won’t be around much and that does mean alot to me. I hate learning something new only to see it vanish.

I’m not knocking Flash at all,…but the style of design is a bit awkward for me. I was trained on paper and pencil. At the same token,…I also love the idea of saving characters to be used over and over again. THAT is nice! Now that I see TBS can allow for this,…that is really tempting.

Has anyone created any visual lessons in .swf or .mov format that they can share with a newbie? Flash has soooo much support in that area. I just wondered if any tutorials for TBS are around that are worth watching or reading.

Thanks! Sorry for the number of questions.


I’ve never used Flash myself so I don’t know how TBS compares but I do know that as an absolute newbie at animation period, TBS has a ton of features that makes it easy for me to produce my pieces.

The problems I’ve encountered are usually due to not fully understanding the terminology used or not reading the docs. Some of the other issues I’m having can be solved by implementing soem of the other users’ suggestions (like the sound synch getting off beat.)

As far as support goes, I bought the $50 yearly next day e-mail support and foudn that they always get back to me very quickly and have a good answer.

I can’t stress enough how totally awesome it is to keep all of my major character poses and stuff in the global library. The only disadvantage I’ve seen in that is as my drawing improves, my characters change slightly so I’m re-doing them more to my liking.

Having never animated anything before buying TBS, I’m very happy with it and it isn’t all that expensive.

Oh yeah, and the WACOM tablets are great. I use it now instead of a mouse on all of my applications.