Disable Panels

Can you add a feature that would allow artist to disable panels? When trying to decided whether or not to remove a panel from a storyboard it woud be nice to disable/enable a whole panel and skip over it when pitching.

Currently my artists are turning the visibility of all layers off, but this leaves a white panel that disrupts the flow of the pitches.

A skip disabled panels feature would be awesome.


I think what would be even more useful would be a second timeline . Right now i have to put all my out panels at the end of the sequence in case I need them later . its a lot of copying, sliding to the end of the sequence and dropping.
A second timeline ( or more ) like an edit bin that keeps the drawings in place but out of the sequence or scene would be very useful .
It would also be easier for the production assistants when exporting as they know to only export the top timeline and ignore the other timelines . Right now they have to copy the file and then delete all out panels at the end of the timeline .
Hope that makes sense .