Disable Node Attributes


I think that it would be handy if there was the possibility to disable node attributes in a way that:

  • they would not be displayed anymore in the module’s “Layer Properties” window
  • they would be hidden in the timeline.

This could for example be set via check boxes in a “Publish Attribute Mode”-like mode in the “Layer Properties” window.

Indeed, it is perfectly possible to block attributes by using expressions.
But, this still might confuse animators unfamiliar to expressions. Attributes just not being available might add more clarity.

Here are 2 example of where this feature could become handy:

  1. In order to disable/hide the Z-Axis slot on certain pegs.
  2. In order to disable/hide the “Focus Multiplier” slot on composites.
    (I never animate this attribute, but I always get a key for it on my composites.)

Perhaps, a little “Lock”-button on the right side of every animatable attribute in the “Layer Properties” window could be a straight forward way to enable/disable it and to show/hide it in the time line.