Disable confirmation-dialog when running scripts (using Controlcenter)

Hello Everyone

I’m using the harmony(12.2)-database, and I’m trying to create a script to replace all audio of a given episode(job).
The script deletes the old audiotracks and imports the new track from a given directory.
In the end it uses the command:


…to save the changes.
Now, everytime I run the script with:

Controlcenter.exe -runStageScript <path-of-script.js> -env -job ,
I get a dialog to confirm every save (“Are you sure to delete audiotrack”.etc).

Is there a way to bypass confirmation, so that the script runs automatically against a whole job?

I am running the “Controlcenter.exe runStageScript…etc” on windows10

Thanx in Advance! & greetings from Kaspar