Disable/Able group of layers

Hello there! I’m working on a project that’s getting really heavy with all the highlights, tone and blurs. I usually disable them when I’m animating and then I able them again to see how it will look. The problem is that that takes a while to able and disable every single time. If there was a script that let’s me select some specific layers to turn on and off easily would be great!

You could group things and disable the entire group to make it easier.
Alternately, I always go to the node view to disable stuff because you can
make a selection box to select multiple things at the same time.

Do you have “Enable Playback Caching” enabled in the Preferences’
“OpenGL” tab?

Yes I also use the node! I can’t group them because the effects are in different compositions and if I group them it would disable and able everything.
I have it enable but it’s getting heavy anyways :slight_smile: