Director wants 'Scenes' in SBP to be called 'Shots'

My director is wants the nomenclature of SBP to be the same as the rest of the project. He wants what SBP calls ‘Scenes’ to be called Shots.
Is there a way to make this happen in some hidden preference window?

Great info! I did not know of this feature.


If you go to preferences (edit > preferences in Win, storyboarpro > preferences in Mac) you have the option under Terminology Style, below General, to chose between Live Action and Animation. If you switch to Live Action your Scenes will become Shots. (Also, instead of Sequences grouping Scenes you’ll have the option to group your Shot in Scenes.)


As far as I know. You can change the names of Scene, panel, etc… Only when you export PDF files of your Storyboards, not on the program.

To do it on PDF, On the PDF export window, you have the profile editing functions (“New Profile” or “Edit Profile”).
On the profile editing widow that opens there is a tab called “labeling”.
On that tab, you can rename the labels that show on the exported PDF storyboard.

Thanks for the info, I thought as much. Is there a way to do that same relabeling when I export things as a movie?