Directional Glow in 3D /Animate Pro

Hi everybody

I’m having a hard time with the directional glow effect in the 3d Space.

I’ve includet the effect on a object made of 3 sides in 3d space. I converted the object into a symbol so far everything worked fine.

But when I rotated the symbol in 3d space the effect gets hidden behind the object itself, allthough I have the ordered the layers in the correct hirarchy.

I’ve tried the manual, but haven’t found anything on this topic so far.

Maybe someone has had a similar problem and found a sollution.


Thank you Lilly for looking into it.I’m using a simple glow effect with a directional angel of 90 and a radius of 35 with almost 250alpha.But as u mentioned the object has different depth.And i applied the effect before I turned the symbol by 90degrs.I will try your input with the post composition.

I’ll tell you how it works.

Thank you


Hey Lilly

I was able to solve the problem. I still have the glow effect inside the symbol
but I adjusted the settings to 2D flat in the composition.The effect is now visible through the various depths, the only problem that remains is that the angle of the glow-effect stays always with the camera-peg. So If I flip the cam by 45degrees the effect does the same.

But I think I can figure that out…someday :wink:
Have to get used to the network view a little more.

Thanks for your help


Are you using the directional blur? Or the motion blur? Or the glow? There is no actual directional glow so I just want to make sure that I test on the same one.

As far as I understand the effects are 2D effects, so if you have some rotations and whatnot in 3D it should do the effect after turning that 3D object into a bitmap for that frame and then it should comp the effect in behind it. However if you have an object that has various different depths, then it’s possible that part of the effect could be hidden behind, unless you do a composite as bitmap before applying the glow.

I’ll try to run some further tests on this front, however.


Great I’m glad you got it working to your satisfaction!