Direct 3D and Open GL

Wow, three issues in a row, I should get a little gold star. So, what is the difference between the Open GL render and the Direct 3D, because I had it on the Open GL and it was running really slow so I switched to the Direct 3D, it runs about a hundred times faster but everything is pixelated. How can this be fixed?


OpenGL is better handled by Nvidia video card on our software. This being said the slowness you are experiencing is not related to the Renderer but rather the little checkbox at the bottom which mention the OpenGL Full Scene Anti-Aliasing. This is an extra smoothing that is applied to your drawing which is only done when your renderer is OpenGL. Therefore simply unchecking that option should give you better reaction speed.

Has for Direct3D this settings need to be selected absolutely with some brand of video card (such as ATI or onboard ones) for having it set to OpenGL might even reboot your computer.

You can always access those settings when you are on the Welcome Screen of the software through the Edit>Preferences menu.

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So the Anti-Alias creates the smoothness, so I have graphics by
nvidia, and it was running slow so I unchecked the Anti-Aliasing box and it became pixelated, is there a way of having it run fast and be anti-alias?

So can I have my cake, and eat it too?

If you were buying or building a system today, and you had the option to get either an ATI or Nvidia video-card which are comparable in performance … which would be best for TBS? They both have top tier products, last time I checked Nvidia had the advantage. But if you were getting a middle-of-the-road card where you could buy comparable cards from either technology …would Nvidia work best with TBS?

I’ve read a few articles comparing the cards, over the years as these 2 keep improving on their offerings. I’m not asking for a comparison here, I can find that elsewhere …I’m just asking if I should infer anything thing from your argument.

Hi Clubnerd

By disabling the anti-aliasing you only changed the display of the element in your scene so this will in no way affect your final render which will be anti-aliased whether or not you have the feature active.


For video card here are my recommendation for use with Toon Boom software. Try getting Nvidia Geforce over other brand if you can. We manage to get better out of those card. As for models of Geforce you should aim for, always try looking for the higher hundreds of a serie (6500+, 7500+,8500+). Getting a card from a lower thousand but a higher hundred will get your better result then getting a brand new card in the lower hundreds.

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