Digital Pro

I like many others got really excited when reading about digital pro. I just wanted to know if you can upgrade from TBS V3.0 Academic to Digital Pro Academic. And if so how much will it cost.

Link to Academic pricing for all Toon Boom products:

When in doubt there are several email contacts for various kinds of sales categories at Toon Boom. Some of the nicest and most helpful folks you’d ever want to meet. And they don’t mind helping. In fact, I think they enjoy being of service to Toon Boom customers.

I just don’t have the time yet to fully absorb this technology, so all I’m doing is fiddle around with it and watching some of the video’s. If it does the things advirtised … its great!

Does anybody know why the name change … from solo?

Also does this software now allow you to actually create DVD production all by itself?

Rob let us know what you find out?

And does TB ever wonder what could happen were they to lower the price of Digital pro somewhat?

TBS …on its own is a bargain for the price …and it does a lot! I think this being 10 times the cost is whats making it phrohibitive for many. Especially since many people already spent money on other software that can do some of what this package does beyond TBS.

One good thing about all this …for now …is that TBS and Digital Pro are very distict packages (it seems).

Just a question to all …if you currently have TBS and $3000 to spend …would you rather get a CINTIQ …or Digital Pro?

Actually you could get a CINTIQ and TBS for $3000 and have change left over. See I think if you have TBS and want to buy Digital Pro …if you call yourself a novice now …after getting digital pro …your no longer a novice!!

Like Al Pacino said …your a gangsta now …your in it …big time …for the full ride…and to that end you need a CINTIQ!!

Respectfully, I never said I was going to go finding the information, just pointed the way to where to find it.

As for a Cintiq, I’ve looked at 'em, never tried one, but I’m not interested. I guess I’d go for Digital Pro.

As for pricing, Toon Boom is a well run and successful business. Their pricing structure reflects a couple of things, based on my completely un-business-educated opnion:

I seriously doubt if Digital has DVD production capabilty. There’s way too much other software out there that already does that, and the folks at Toon Boom are focused on animation.

Just my thoughts and guesses.

Keep on animating!! ;D

My thoughts. I think Solo/Digital may not be doing as great … and the name change and trial package may be part of TB strategy to drum-up sales. Your talk about if it wasn’t selling they’d adjust …this may be the adjustment (I’m assuming that Solo never allowed a trial package before)

I wasn’t suggesting for them to give it away …in fact I was suggesting quite the opposite. I was thinking by lowering the price they may be able to sell more. Borrow a little from the old Walmart strategy …sell cheaper and sell a lot! They use that startegy well for mundane stuff like cereal …as well as technical stuff like wide-screen-TV.

And I can see TB having a bonanza when they upgrade Solo/Digital if they have a lot of owners. Because of its complexity …they could justify charging a greater percentage than they would TBS.

Nothing scientific here …just some thoughts.

But you do make a valid point …Solo/Digital would overwhelm the casual user …and actually create a very negative effect.
But then you actually made me wonder if this wouldn’t be a better idea… keep the existing price for the product …but lower it some for those of us who already own TBS.

I hope they continue to support Solo/Digital though because from what I’ve seen …my interest is piqued! ;D

Why any decent software company would want to look like Walmart is beyond me, but… ;D

My limited experience with Solo has been pretty good. I haven’t really used it much, but have done some experimenting with it. It took me a bit to figure out how it works technically, but it gives me a lot more control over the rendered image and provides the user with a lot of terrific options that really knock my socks off. I’ll have more learning to do, but when I’ve done the work necessary for a piece worthy of Solo, I think it’ll serve me well.

I debated with myself about joining into this discussion and obviously I succumbed to temptation. I have two points to add to the discussion and you all can take them or leave them as you so choose.

First, TBS and Digital Pro represent different product families and are produced to satisfy markets that only have a small overlap. I suspect the name change was more to help differentiate those two application families than for any other reason. The Studio and Solo names have created confusion from the beginning because they are so similar and even had the same abbreviations, TBS. So if for no other reason the new name is a clarification. Solo was chosen originally because the application family was created as a single user version of the multi-user big studio oriented software which is the flag ship of Toon Boom Technologies. The new name is also trying to highlight the integrated work flow which is important in high end animation software which has traditionally been referred to as “Ink and Paint” because the drawings were totally on paper and scanned in. The trend has been to move beyond ink and paint to full digital integration.

My second point is in reference to the PLE. Unless a TBS (Studio) user or potential user is inside that small set of overlap between the product families then Digital is not appropriate. I believe that the reason that they are offering a PLE is not to attract Studio users to Digital but rather as an incentive to the employees of larger animation organizations which are potential or current users of their high end multi user products Harmony and Opus. There are two reasons to provide these individuals with a non-commercial usage PLE. It provides them with a way to have personal access to the software which enhances their productivity and comfort level with the version they use at their work place. And for those users of the Ink and Paint style software it provides and incentive to make the full digital transition. These individuals are not normally going to purchase Digital Pro for personal usage because they have access to the multi user version or ink and paint version at work. So the PLE is actually Toon Booms way of adding value for their high end customers and their customer’s employees. It is not intended as a lure for the majority of TB Studio users who have no real reason or need for such high end software. Most TB Studio users or potential users would be well advised to not waste their time and focus trying to learn to use Digital as it is not the same software and even if they do learn to use it they most likely can’t afford it or justify the investment.

And if a Studio user is trying to decide between purchasing a Cintiq or Digital Pro, they are looking at the wrong software for their needs because anyone who buys Digital Pro will also be buying or already will have a Cintiq because they have a financial basis to make the investment. Long before a person is ready to financially justify Digital Pro they would have been able to justify their Cintiq.

Just my personal opinion, but unfortunately the announcement of Digital Pro is causing some people to lose their focus on Studio and the pending upgrade. Unless you are making significant money producing animation in TB Studio and you have reached a point where you have professionally maxed out its capabilities why are you focusing on the high end products. Don’t be deluded into thinking that if you spend more on software it will substitute for creativity and skill and be some kind of “magic bullet”. You will be just as frustrated and way more unhappy as well as lighter in your pocketbook. -JK

Look, if a new girl starts working at the office and her tits and ass is hanging out as she walks around …men are going to look despite being married. Its human nature.

We are just looking and talking and we are doing so only because TBS put Digital Pro out there for TBS users.

Oh and BTW …I would get the CINTIQ first.

If I was going to move from being a hobbyist to a serious player in this area … I would get better equipment. I could use that with TBS.

Chances are though …if I was to get serious …I would find a way to get both!

Lets see …start small …make Billions…stampede the compition … and have significant influence on the US markets …thats all Walmart did… laugh all you want!

TBS… like every company … exists to make money.