Digital Pro to Animate Pro: No Drawings

Whenever I open any of my old Digital Pro files in Animate Pro 1 there are no drawings in the file.

The time line is still all the same, as well as the network. I can see all the individual frames, and the library contains the right number of drawings, however they are all blank.

Is there a problem with opening Digital Pro files in Animate Pro, do I have to link the files back up? Has anyone else encountered this?

Thank you.

It should be backwards compatible, so you should be able to bring files from Digital Pro into Animate Pro. However, the reverse would not be possible. So I would not be surprised to hear that if you tried to open an Animate Pro file in Digital Pro, the drawings would be blank - but it should not be the case in reverse.

If this is true, then go ahead and send an email to and they can help you to resolve your issue.