Digital 2d Cutout... on 2s?

Hello everybody!

So, there’s an extension for use in Flash called Tween2Keys, which takes your motion tweens and bumps them to 2s (compared to the default 1s that tweens are created on)

Is there a comparable shortcut in Harmony to take the motion tweens created by my puppet rig and bump them to 2s so I can hand place each key?

When I use the “Set Exposure to 2s”, it just cuts the entire exposure down to 2 frames (vs translate the entire tween to 2s for the entire length of the selection)

For a more thorough explanation of Tween2Keys, here’s the website for the extension (which, as a Flash animator, this would be a huge benefit in migrating to Harmony, as many of my co-workers rely on this extension)

Here is a script that may or may not work in current software:


Leandro Mello from Brazil asked if there was a way to set a peg’s hold value to 2 automatically through scripting. If you do it manually, you have to double click each function of every peg (x, y, z, scale, etc) and set the hold value to 2. I figured it wouldn’t take long to write such a script, so I did.

Using this script will set the hold value to 2 on the selected layers/pegs ( you may change this value if you know where to find it). It will work in Harmony 10 and Animate Pro 2, but in Animate it doesn’t work on 3D pegs only on ‘separate’ pegs.

Found a post from Lilly of Toon Boom, would either of these work out?

"Well I just want to make sure that we’re talking about the same thing, because the word “tween” can mean two different things in flash/animate. You can have a shape tween (Morphing) or a motion tween (Motion keyframes). If you just have moved an object with your Transform tool, then this is simply keyframes on your timeline. You can’t convert keyframes to drawings. You can convert a morphing sequence to drawings.

If you need to get your keyframed motion on 2s, though, there are a couple of ways of doing it. You can:

1) Step function. Click on the + sign on the drawing or peg layer whose keyframes you want to step. Double-click on the function(involved in the movement to open up the Bezier Editor. Use the Step button to step the function, putting in the start value where you want to start stepping, stop value where it finishes, and a hold value of 2.

2) It’s sometimes easier just to put keyframes on every other frame (hit F6 on every other frame) then convert those keyframes to Stop-Motion keyframes by selecting them in the timeline, right-clicking, and selecting Set Stop-Motion Keyframes.

Hope this helps.


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Ok, let me try this! I’m on Harmony 11, so hopefully it will work?

In response to Lilly’s comment, in flash, you can knock down to 2s regardless if it’s a shape (morphing) or classic (motion) tween- it just preserves any easing done on the transform, but on 2s vs 1s. I do know what she means though, how Harmony treats drawings differently than keyframes. I personally find the difference annoying, but I’m just used to how Flash works where you can break your motion tweens into drawings by breaking the artwork on your keyframes)

The manual way sounds like it would be such a major pain- I’m used to just selecting my tween have running a keyboard shortcut, so if yours works, it would be perfect!

Just as a general note to any powers that be that are reading this, this would be a great addition into any future Harmony/Toonboom updates. It’s a great way to block out basic movement, timing and cushioning, but then having it on 2s to hand adjust the animation

Thank you for your quick reply!

Darn, doesn’t seem to work in Harmony 11, but the manual way of doing it seems to be working for now.