Digital 2D Animation Workflow (compositing)


This has been bugging me for quite sometime… I’ve been trying to mix and match many different 2D animation software packages together but I just can’t seem to get it right. I’ve also searched the internet far and wide and even discussed the matter in great detail with friends and I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere…

See, the thing is I like to do my linework in Corel Painter because its in pixels (I don’t like doing linework in vectors at all, not even vectorizing, its just not the same). That’s easy to composite because you just set the linework layer to Multiply transparency and it shows through whats underneath. The problem is when it comes to doing my colour pass, obviously I’d like to have a whole separate image sequence containing just my colour and even maybe another one for Highlights and Shadows.

As these steps involve colour, I can’t composite them the same way as I do with my linework. I’ve also tried importing my linework into apps like ToonBoom and creating a layer underneath and painting the colour for each frame, the problem is the linework layer doesn’t completely cover the layer I’m working on (because of the lighttable option) and its pretty hard to see what I’m doing…

I’ve seen countless Digital 2D Animation shorts and I know they’re people out there that have the key to what I’m talking about, so… any ideas?